Navajo Nation Mission Trip 2016

The launch of Hope City’s mission program was an absolute success with a team of 11 amazing brothers and sisters traveling to the Navajo Nation in Shiprock/To’koi, New Mexico. Of all the places to begin team missions, it was most befitting to carry this ministry of reconciliation to the “first nation” Native American people. We partnered with Experience Mission and Pastor Herman Harrison at Victory Life Fellowship in To’koi. Pastor Harrison is an incredibly humble man of prayer; the spirit of meekness emanates from his person. We could not have asked for a better Pastor and brother to help lead us in this journey with the Navajo people.

Pixelscrapper Blog Train – May 2015

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's May already? Where does the time go? We're in the midst of finalizing graduation stuff for my oldest daughter and looking forward to a week long ministry trip to Honduras in June. Lots to look forward to in the coming months! This month, however, I'm sure you all are going to LOVE all the goodies from the Pixelscrapper Blog Train.