Hello Friends!

I’m Mandy, aka Mandy Lou Who, aka Amanda Lopez. Where do I even begin? My life has been full of so many amazing, wild, troublesome, confusing, adventurous, trying, and miraculous moments that I could never fit it all into one “about me” section. If I had the time, it could be a novel, but alas… not today. For the quickie version, click now or forever hold your peace.

For now, I’ll share the part that is the most influential to who I am today. I was born and raised in California. I grew up in a severely broken home surrounded by drug addiction, alcoholism and abuse. Throughout my teen years and into adulthood, I formed the same type of life for myself. At 18, I was pregnant with my first child with an older man who was controlling, abusive and addicted to drugs and alcohol. I too was swallowed up in getting high and becoming an alcoholic. After 3-1/2 years, I left this relationship and entered into single parenthood. For years I went back and forth between living sober and living high, bouncing between relationships and never finding stability.

In early 2008, Jesus came in and wrecked my life. I’d been to church here and there from time to time but when I say the Spirit of God came in He CAME IN. My eyes were opened in a way they never were before. I was WOKE! During this time that God began to reveal Himself to me in an extremely real, supernatural way! A few months after having a radical encounter with Him in my car, He moved me and my family across the country to an itty-bitty town in WV where we dwelt in the Appalachian area for four years. We attended a small, local church within which my foundation in the Word of God was established and I entered the world of ministry. I knew at this point that there was no other path for my life but to serve the true and living God! No turning back!

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After this time in WV was fulfilled, we moved to the Hocking Hills, OH area where we were called to another rural-area church.  Over the summer 2015, I went on my first mission trip to Honduras, which was eye opening on a number of levels. Most ironically, to the great need of revival in the hearts of Americans! In December 2015, I moved to the Columbus, OH area to continue mission work within the city of Columbus – specifically to extend love and hope to broken families, those who are homeless, impoverished and drug addicted, among a multitude of other detrimental life situations.

Having endured many “on the mountaintop,” as well as “in the valley,” times throughout these last several years, I have grown to new levels of understanding and gratitude for the unending mercy and love of Jesus Christ. I can never express what His grace truly means to me! It is beyond any mere words I can even begin to breathe out.

Outside of this Jesus-adventures lifestyle, I am really a simple person…

  • I love my husband. I want to spend my life learning to love Him like Jesus and we are determined to enjoy this wild ride called life together.
  • Photography is our passion! Combined with our hearts for reaching the lost, Higher View was birthed–a supernatural meshing of street ministry and street photography all for the glory of the LORD.
  • I’m a minimalist at heart trying to figure out how to make it a reality with a family of 5!
  • I work a day job from home and wouldn’t have it any other way. To be present with my children is a priceless gift.

I continue to find my life spreading the love and truth of Jesus to those who are lost and in need of deliverance from the hand of the enemy. Until the Lord adds a new chapter to our story, this is my life. ❤