Happy Friday friends! As I finish off my *work* day, I wanted to make sure to share these with you. I am not making a habit of Friday freebies, but hey! Pretty nifty that it keeps ending up that way, huh? lol!

I glanced at this Pixelscrapper designer challenge probably 3 times before I decided to take part. I really wanted to challenge myself, so I refused to use any template to make them. And thus, it was more work that I thought but, at the same time, great because I learned something totally new!

The basics of the challenge were a set of brads in neutral colors. How much more neutral can you get than black & white? They pretty much go with everything. I made 5 circle and 5 hexagon about .75″in size. I really focused in on the fact that these are supposed to be brads and not flairs, so that’s why they are that size. I hope you can find use for them in your designs. 🙂

Download via

Thanks for stopping by. Have a super weekend!

~Amanda Brown

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